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Temperature and soil monitoring made easy

Real-time data reporting and historical trend reports

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Are you having difficulty regulating your micro-climate temperatures in greenhouses, low tunnels or polytunnels?

Imagine receiving a text message alert when your micro-climate becomes too hot or too cold for ideal growing conditions? Add a Thermote to any micro-climate environment with Wi-Fi or LoRaWAN access and see real-time data and historical trends of your growing environment.

Are you looking to cut irrigation costs?

Stop over watering your crops by remotely monitoring your soil moisture. The Soilmote takes real-time readings of your soil moisture and alerts you if it becomes too dry or too wet. Use this data to conserve water on days that it rains.

Why choose Zynect Sensors?

  •    No fees, unlike similar products on the market
  •    Quick setup and installation
  •    Easily share data with your entire crew
  •    View historical trends for year over year growing predictions
  •    Long range connection
  •    Simple, durable design ready for any climate
Zynect Sensors

Customers Love Zynect Sensors

  • South Hill Cider

    Knowing the temperature of my walk-in cooler in real-time and getting notifications when it is too warm or too cold gives me peace of mind. The low-cost of the unit allowed me to monitor my space. I will be installing one in my orchard as well. Very impressed!

    CEO, South Hill Cider

Zynect Sensors - No Annual Fee


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Wireless Thermometer
Temperature Range: -55°C to 125°C
Remotely monitor equipment/property


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Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor
Volulmetric Water Content: 0 - 100%
Remotely monitor soil moisture