Temperature monitoring made easy

Real-time data reporting and audit trail history

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Are you frustrated with manually monitoring lab samples? Does your audit trail consist of pen to paper?

Adding the Thermote X to your lab equipment provides you not only with a temperature alert system but also easy to download audit trails for compliance reporting and research methodology. The Thermote X will send you a text message alert if your samples are kept out of the temperature range that you set. You can download, weeks, months or years of data via a .csv file, audit trails made easy.

Why choose Zynect Sensors?

  •    No fees, unlike similar products on the market
  •    Quick setup and installation
  •    Easily share data with your entire team
  •    View and download audit trails for easy reporting
  •    Long range connection
  •    Simple, durable design ready for any environment
Zynect Sensors


  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology

    The Thermote X enables me to delegate freezer management to my PhD students while maintaining piece of mind that I will also receive alerts if the temperature is out of range.

    Lab Manager, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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