Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor

Measures volumentric water content 0% to 100%

App Phone
App Phone

Monitor Alerts/Historical Trends via Smartphone

The Soilmote connects wirelessly to your smartphone, download the Zynect sensors app for audit trails and custom alerts
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How To Setup Your Zynect Sensor

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Remote Monitoring: Reduce Waste, Improve Irrigation

The perfect tool to give you peace of mind. Remotely monitor soil moisture sensitive areas. Set it and forget it. Receive custom alerts to your smartphone based on easy to set alert levels. Download complete audit history. Use it in irrigation systems, farms, gardens, lawns, trees, greenhouse, indoor plants, and more. Closely monitor moisture levels to maximize water usage efficiency.


  • South Hill Cider

    While some may use the Soilmote for reducing water waste and increasing crop yields, my main purpose is for research. The live datafeed with the Zynect Sensors morible app enables me to remotely monitor soil moisture trends in in the Dominican Republic and make hurricane predictions.

    Professor, Cornell University

Zynect Sensors - No Annual Fee


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Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor
Volulmetric Water Content: 0 - 100%
Remotely monitor soil moisture