Wireless Temperature Sensor

Measures -55°C to 125°C (-77°F to 257°F)

App Phone
App Phone

Monitor Alerts/Historical Trends via Smartphone

The Thermote connects wireless to your smartphone, download the Zynect sensors app for audit trails and custom alerts
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How To Setup Your Zynect Sensor

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Remote Monitoring: Reduce Waste, Improve Response

The perfect tool to give you peace of mind. Remotely monitor temperature sensitive areas. Set it and forget it. Receive custom alerts to your smartphone based on easy to set alert levels. Download complete audit history. Use it in restaurants, hotels & resorts, schools, convenience stores, supermarkets, cold storage facilities, RVs. Put it on a truck to travel with deliveries, and receive peace of mind that your inventory stays cool.

Customers Love Zynect Sensors

  • South Hill Cider

    Knowing the temperature of my walk-in cooler in real-time and getting notifications when it is too warm or too cold gives me peace of mind. The low-cost of the unit allowed me to monitor my space. I will be installing one in my orchard as well. Very impressed!

    CEO, South Hill Cider

Zynect Sensors - No Annual Fee


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Wireless Thermometer
Temperature Range: -55°C to 125°C
Remotely monitor equipment/property